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    Job opportunity for Manager-Key Accounts
    (6 - 9 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: ManagerKey Accounts
    Role Purpose: · Undertake the proper and timely scanning for pay code customers submitted applications using client document archiving system to keep accurate and current details of each customer. · Address any query and compliances of Key Account customers such as payment to the wrong account, or high consumption or adjustment etc. to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. · Add or deduct and transfer or adjust any financial transaction required by any payee code or customer based on the related requisition form. · Report any abnormal transactions to the Billing Support department to ensure financial output is reasonable and reliable. · Make arrangement between client and payee code customers such as creating special account, to facilitate the transactions and procedures of payment between the entities. · Undertake necessary action to resolve all outstanding issues in a timely and efficient manner that related to customer’s accounts. · a)Integrate appropriate OSH management into processes and culture. Ensure that staff has the knowledge to meet their responsibilities and that OSH risks are identified and controlled · b)OSH roles and responsibilities include: · Provide OSH information, training and supervision · Assist with the preparation of risk assessments · Ensure application of appropriate risk control measures; and Reporting of OSH hazards and incidents

    Job Opportunity fo Senior Operator (Data Gathering )
    (6 - 10 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Senior Operator Data Gathering
    Role Purpose: Operate, monitor and control the assigned units of the plant, to process, store and export the products on specification, while maintaining Company and HSE requirements and maximizing plant yield. Operate control panels to ensure safe and proper function and that products meet the required specifications and quantities. Job Specific Accountabilities Operational •    Carry out assigned Operational work safely to assigned standards in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). •    Log operating incidents and discuss incidents with the Supervisor to ensure efficient running of the operating units. •    Supervise / carry out routine checks on equipment for abnormalities in order to arrange for servicing and repair. •    Prepare / review the plant / equipment for maintenance to ensure accurate and proper functioning and in synchronization with other equipment and plant.  •    Operate related machinery & equipment safely and efficiently as per Company’s standards and instructions •    Carry out duties as Auxiliary Fireman or Site Safety Officer as and when required during emergencies, as per the Facility Response Plan •    Authorize work permits, follow up on-going jobs and monitor Contractors activities ensuring adherence to safety regulations and procedures •    Ensure that all capabilities of the Integrated Control System are fully utilized to improve plant efficiency, product quality and safety. •    Supervise and perform the alterations of speeds, temperatures, pressures and flow rates as necessary for Adequate control of operations during start-ups, shutdowns and emergencies. •    Monitor control panel, diagnoses abnormal situations, initiates operational adjustments and maintains a continuous check on the operating plants. Take reading of essential instruments to ensure that equipment is operated within the specified parameters and limits. •    Ensure that chemicals to be used in the respective area are of the correct type, add various chemicals, prepare solutions, adjust and monitor dosing rates as specified while following all HSE procedures and rules. Safety & Integrity •    Operate, monitor and control the assigned work area safely & efficiently, to achieve target plant yield without any hydrocarbon loss and within emission limits, and ensure effective hand-over on shift changes.  •    Ensure integrity functional tests, change over routines and other scheduled verification tasks are completed efficiently and maintain the appropriate records & documents. •    Control/contain plant upsets and prevent minor emergencies escalating, maintaining clear communication and coordination with other Departments/Units of the plant, Company’s sites & neighboring plants. Generic Accountabilities Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures •    Implement and comply with all relevant functional policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures, to accomplish operational objectives. Training •    Provide on-the-job Training to meet Competency Based Training programs for UAE Nationalization. Innovation and Continuous Improvement •    Contribute to the identification of areas and opportunities for continuous improvement in the operating procedures and functional processes. Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability •    Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices •    Participate in Emergency Response duties as a team member. Housekeeping •    Maintain the work environment clean and tidy before, during operations, in line with established standards of Hygiene and Housekeeping. Reports •    Provide inputs to prepare Section progress reports for Company Management. •    Prepare various Key Performance Indicator (KPI) checklists for management. Generic Accountabilities (continue) Internal Communications & Working Relationships Contact with line Manager/ peers and other employees within the company/Group as required External Communications & Working Relationships Contact with external parties including consultants, third party service providers, and government agencies as required

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