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    Male/ Female Trainee officer-Operations- locally inside in UAE
    (3 - 5 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi , Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Trainee Officer, Operations Supervisor
    Role Purpose: Job Description • Document scrutiny and collection of applications for visa processing. • Handle customer/applicant queries personally or via email, telephone. • Handle cash and bank related transactions if assigned and ensure 100% accuracy. • Record & maintain all application data. Ensure accurate & timely data entry into the system with zero errors. • Ensure all administration and logistics of passport delivery to consulate/ applicant / logistic company etc. • Maintain compliance to the standard operating procedures, manuals etc. without deviation in process. • Inform the applicants about the available Value Added Services and ensure delivery of Value Added Service options to applicants/ customers. • Encourage applicants to provide feedback on services provided and their overall experience at the application centre. • Ensure that the entire process is completed within the mandated Turn Around Time. • Assist Deputy Manager/Operations Manager in execution of WB Project. • Ensure judicious use of natural resources. • Adhere to the environment health and safety policy/objectives and guidelines of the organization. Job Description Competencies • Click Enter to show description of BC-CommunicationBC-Communication • Click Enter to show description of BC-Delivering ResultsBC-Delivering Results • Click Enter to show description of BC-Diversity SensitivityBC-Diversity Sensitivity • Click Enter to show description of BC-EntrepreneurshipBC-Entrepreneurship • Click Enter to show description of BC-LeadershipBC-Leadership • Click Enter to show description of BC-NetworkingBC-Networking • Click Enter to show description of BC-Personal & Prof Dev.BC-Personal & Prof Dev. • Click Enter to show description of BC-Quality & Service OrientationBC-Quality & Service Orientation • Click Enter to show description of BC-Teamwork and CollaborationBC-Teamwork and Collaboration • Click Enter to show description of FC-Internal AuditFC-Internal Audit • Click Enter to show description of FC-Project ManagementFC-Project Management • Click Enter to show description of FC-Selling & Business DevelopmentFC-Selling & Business Development • Click Enter to show description of FC-VAC Operation ManagementFC-VAC Operation Management

    Energy Markets Senior Specialist(UAE Nationals)
    (3 - 7 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Energy, Power
    Role Purpose: Job Purpose: • The Energy Markets Senior Specialist is responsible for monitoring the economic dispatch operation of the Load Dispatch Centre (System Operator), as well as providing expertise in market research, analysis, and policy development. • The Energy Markets Senior Specialist is also in charge of promoting private sector investments. The Senior Specialist in Energy Markets is responsible for creating momentum within the sector to drive improvement opportunities and leverage synergies to improve cross-border energy trading, including pricing and tariff functional impacts. Job-specific Responsibilities: ● Conduct research and analysis, as well as provide expertise, in the development of DoE energy markets, competition, and/or liberalization policy for Abu Dhabi. ● Support in the development of market policies and the promotion of competition where it has the potential to add value to Abu Dhabi, as well as the Abu Dhabi government's direction ● Assist in the development and implementation of policies strategy on behalf of the Department of Energy to oversee and facilitate any existing/new/potential energy investor, including the timely implementation of all new investments (particularly new independent energy producers and wholesalers) in the sector. ● Represent the Department of Energy in its interactions with Sector Licensees, as well as other Sector authorities and stakeholders, regarding markets and competition. ● Create policy and strategy proposals for the processes that underpin cross-border energy trade, including the functional implications of pricing and tariffs. ● Support for pan-Arab and GCCIA collaboration on energy sector advancements and cross-border initiatives, as well as Abu Dhabi/UAE representation in the associated working groups. ● Monitor the Load Despatch Centre's economic dispatch operation (System Operator). Develop and oversee the implementation of policies and strategies for cross-border energy trade operations (e.g., The Emirates National Grid, The GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA), and specific bilateral agreements).

    Male General Manager-currently available in UAE
    (5 - 10 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: sales, Business Development, Ceramics, Sanitary Ware
    Role Purpose: Primary Responsibilities: Managing the daily operations and create the necessary plans and strategies for sales growth (for the following products: Ceramics / Tiles / Sanitary Ware / Building Materials / Furniture / etc.). Creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere at the company’ showroom that is well-presented and has a strong visual appearance. Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients; tradesmen, architects/designers and suppliers. Educated customers about the quality and value of the products. Working alongside clients to ensure efficient and accurate tile selections Purchasing stock and processing inward and outward goods. Following up leads, and enable the company to be the authorized agent for many leading vendors in the industry. Supply the required materials/products to the leading projects like: commercial and residential buildings / villas / compounds and complexes / offices. Achieve sales targets. Liaise with Internal & External auditors Coordinate the preparation of financial statements, financial reports, and special analyses. Develop and implement finance, accounting, billing, and auditing procedures. Ensure records systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards. Creating an internal control system. Establish and implement short- and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures. Recruit, train, supervise, and evaluate staff. Handling the management and clients' information securely, and confidentially. Liaising with staff, clients, suppliers, etc. at a professional level. Preparing correspondences/reports/presentations as and when required. Any other related job assigned by the Chairman / Deputy Chairman.

    Sector Risk & Enterprise Risk Section Head(UAE National)
    (6 - 8 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: risk, Enterprise Risk Management
    Role Purpose: Job Purpose: • The Sector Risk & Enterprise Risk Section Head in charge of the effective monitoring and management of energy sector risks, as well as the application of consistent risk management practices. The Sector Risk & Enterprise Risk Section Head is also responsible for overseeing the risk management framework and processes to ensure that risks are identified and managed effectively. • Additionally, the Sector Risk & Enterprise Risk Section Head is responsible for assisting the sector by highlighting key strategies for managing and monitoring risks that could jeopardize the energy sector, including but not limited to those relating to energy security, technology, political, economic, environmental, and social factors. Job-specific Responsibilities: • Analyze and comprehend current risk management practices in the sector, identifying areas for improvement and consistency to ensure that all sector risks are addressed appropriately. • Manage the creation of a comprehensive sector risk management framework and process to allow for the integration and flow of information to ensure proper monitoring of key sector risks. • Coordinate with the Enterprise Risk Department to ensure that the frameworks and processes are in accordance with industry practices and guidelines. • Manage the analysis and assessment of sector-specific risks, with a particular emphasis on the assessment and monitoring of risks to the Sector's energy security of supply, as well as the provision of recommendations on strategies and measures to mitigate any such risks. • Provide standards and guidelines for organizations in the sector to help with risk management activities that span the entire risk lifecycle, from identification to prioritization to management and reporting. • Ensure a consistent approach to analyzing and assessing sector risks, as well as the appropriate use of risk tolerance levels, to ensure that top sector risks are identified, prioritized, and managed. • Manage and maintain a sector-specific risk register based on sector input from various organizations, and coordinate across the sector to ensure that this register is regularly updated. • Ensure that risk categories and risk classifications are correctly identified and defined for the sector to allow for appropriate grouping and alignment of mitigation strategies. Conduct a periodic review of existing risk-related policies and procedures to ensure that they meet the requirements of the DoE and the sector. • Ensure that appropriate root-cause analyses are performed for all reportable incidents in the energy sector that are received in the Incident Reporting System (IRS), and that mitigation strategies are developed. • Ensure that all critical infrastructure in the energy sector complies with physical security requirements in general and CICPA requirements in particular. This includes serving as the energy sector's focal point for all security-related issues. • Maintain a thorough understanding of energy sector developments and operations to identify sector risks and develop risk management strategies. • Report to management on key sector risks, including emerging risks, including risk definition, assessment results, mitigation/management approach, and so on, to ensure that DoE management is well-informed and capable of making sound decisions. • Collaborate closely with relevant sector companies and represent the sector on relevant committees and working groups. • As directed by the Business Continuity and Sector Risk Director, assist with any other sector risk-related responsibilities or initiatives that may be required by COMPANY.

    Innovation Section Head(UAE Nationals)
    (6 - 8 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Innovation, Innovation Management
    Role Purpose: Job Purpose: • The Innovation Section Head is responsible for developing and implementing the innovation management framework, processes, and applications for DoE. This includes remaining aware of developments applicable to the sector and remaining abreast of economic, social, and environmental developments. • In addition, this role is also in charge of collating research and innovation produced by educational institutes, research centers, think tanks, and the private sector that can positively impact the energy sector. • The Innovation Section Head is tasked with analyzing and understanding the impact of the research and innovation and advising other departments within Energy Policy and the broader DoE teams. • Furthermore, this role is also responsible for supporting function creation programs to enable the running of pilot projects within the energy sectors. Job-specific Responsibilities: ● Collate information and reports on innovation undertaken by think tanks, research centers, educational institutes, and private-sector companies to understand developments across cleantech, renewables, alternative energy, and the environment. ● Prepare reports and provide advice to the Energy Policy Section on innovation outputs. ● Develop and implement a framework for innovation management that ensures DoE remains up-to-date with innovation and technological changes which will impact the sector and that the required teams with DoE are fully aware of these changes. ● Develop relationships with research centers, educational institutes, think tanks, and commercial and private sector companies both regionally and globally, cooperating with experts to support research and enable access to cutting-edge research and innovation. ● Work closely with all relevant business units to ensure policies and strategies are being prepared with a full understanding and knowledge of new technology and developments in renewables and improvements in processes that would benefit the Abu Dhabi electricity, water, wastewater, and district cooling sectors. ● Build internal and external awareness of innovation in the energy transition drivers: cleantech, energy efficiency renewables. ● Assist in external and internal creation and retention of technological know-how, covering basic research, technology development, and R&D portfolio management. ● Support the sector with innovation initiatives, ensuring the focus is on areas of value and the appropriate due diligence has been undertaken. ● Ensure there is collaboration across the DoE and sector to support the generation of ideas, helping strengthen an innovation-driven culture. ● Assist in benchmarking DoE’s current innovation-related strategies and identify areas for growth. ● Assist in the collation and sharing of data and information within COMPANY ● Support by implementing best practices, standardizing research methods for new insights, and promoting open innovation in the sector.

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